Thursday, September 6, 2007

I admit it. I am a Swinger Soccer Mom!

I am so proud of myself for actually starting this blog. What I want to do, and have wanted to do for awhile is let others know that there is a whole other world out there you may not know much about. I know I certainly didn't. I am a Swinger, in the Lifestyle, you might say to sound more sophisticated. I am also a mom of 2 kids in the suburbs, married and a professional. So I have to be very discreet. I can't tell anyone what my husband and I do for fun. And it is a lot of fun! I don't want to tell others about my experiences to convert them or turn them on. It's just a very interesting Lifestyle, that most people would never believe! Especially not that my husband and I are swingers. We are very well respected, I am active in the PTA, and we are both highly educated professionals who also attend church. But we also attend the most awesome house parties, vacations, and clubs you could imagine, where we can be sexually free and party like rockstars!